Why Study With Us?

'Where Yoga Becomes a Way of Life'

Why Study with Ananda Sanga?

Our education is designed with two intentions: Firstly to enlighten the intellect and improve the quality of social awareness and secondly, to awaken and articulate the inner knowledge of each student.

Our long term intention is to grow as an organisation that produces well-educated, emotionally balanced, self-employed human-beings who will be of service to uplift and guide others, while increasing the staff of Yoga Educators at the Institute.

Learn more about our Admission Policy and Enrolment  and our Academic Staff and why you should study with us. Frequently Asked Questions are answered here.

We are an international recognised Yoga School and our students are able to teach anywhere in the world.

At Ananda Sanga we have:-
  • A dedicated and qualified team of highly qualified Yoga Educators.
  • A strong focus on classical Yoga training – incorporating the body, breath, mind and soul.
  • One of the oldest Yoga Training center's in South Africa - celebrating 30 years in 2021!
  • Learner support programmes.
  • A strong focus on quality and continuous assessment to identify areas of weakness.
  • Continuous development of learning facilitators.

Professional Teacher Training

Ananda Sanga has been turning dedicated yoga practitioners from around the world into capable and well-qualified Yoga Teachers. since 2010.  Our training courses are aligned according to international standards and we are an axxeptavle international Yoga School.

Our training has modernised to become an intensive practical training on the premises, as well as online training in the comfort of their homes. Our Yoga Trainers have extensive yoga experience spanning more than 35 years and are qualified Yoga Therapists.

Extensive Yoga Curriculum

Our yoga training curriculum is very comprehensive and cover all aspects pertaining to yoga. Some of the topics included are:

  • Yoga history & philosophy.
  • Raja yoga and meditation.
  • Patanjali's Yoga Sutras.
  • Class planning and principles and adaptations.
  • Applied Anatomy & Physiology.
  • Ayurveda principles.
  • All aspects of Yoga Therapy etc.
  • Read more about our Yoga Trainings.


Training Delivery

Our education and training takes place at Ananda Sanga, Somerset West, Western Cape, South Africa. The institute is situated in the most beautiful part of the country, surrounded by mountains, sea & vineyards. Limited student accommodation is available at the centre. Contact us for more information.

Emphasis of our Yoga Trainings

The emphasis of this Yoga Teacher Training is to produce international well qualified and dedicated Yoga Teachers, with an understanding of the theory and practice of classical yoga postures. The postures will be taught with respect to correct spinal alignment, inner focus, and proper breathing. The training will also focus on the foundational knowledge of traditional yoga postures and develop an understanding of the principles of vinyasa, counterpose, and modification.

'Our Yoga Training is geared to develop Students as excellent Yoga Teachers.'

Student Testimonials

Here are a few Testimonials from our Qualified Yoga Teachers

“I have changed a lot this year and the course has been a large part of it. People have said I seem happier and more at ease and comfortable with myself. I don't let things affect me as they used to either. Have also become more accepting and accommodating of others and looked at people in a new light, with more understanding and empathy, understanding the connection we all have in this Universe.” - AM, England
The teachers at Ananda Sanga make you feel capable and positive at planning yoga classes and teaching yoga. We started teaching from the third day of the course. I also met wonderful people from all over the world.- TC, Canada
Since the Ananda Sanga YTT, I certainly feel better about myself and definitely approach life’s challenges with a calmer attitude. I’m less worried about things that in the past would have caused me immense stress. I’m definitely more confident to teach now. I find that some of my students feel like they can open up to me about their problems and I’ve somehow become a trusted confidant to many of them.” – VB, Cape Town, SA
"It was the best decision I made by attending the most profound yoga teacher training one could possinly ask for. Your foundation is carried every day to my dear yogis. Thank you and on many more years to come. Be blessed. Love and light. Namaste" - AJ, Germany
I feel very confident teaching others of all ages and abilities. Much love to you, Anne and Martin!! You are great!!” - Kym
This YTT, has impacted my life in many, many different ways. My diet, my awareness, my feelings towards myself and other people, my inner strength has improved; I am calmer and more perceptive. Things do not affect me as much as they used to before. I feel more in touch with people, I empathise with people and situations more easily.” – JB, South Africa
These assignments [on-line] have been a good time to reflect on my yoga knowledge and return to some basics that are not necessarily incorporated in daily classes when teaching my students. They have helped to integrate the knowledge acquired during the course, especially by bringing the information back to conscious awareness. The tips and challenges at the end of each assignment have also been helpful to progress my personal practice.” – KC California, USA
Everything about yoga and meditation and this new path after the YTT, seems to somehow resonate with something within me.” – CJ, South Africa

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