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Complementary Health Courses & Trainings

Ananda Prana Technique

This is a treatment that is deeply relaxing, while also energising and uplifting. It is based on ancient healing treatments from both the Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine traditions, and brings about an integration of all levels of being. It is a healing technique from the ancient teachings, which combines very specific spinal and feet massage with energy balancing methods. Contact us for more info

MYYO Training: Level 1

MYYO Technique is a holistic, natural way of relieving discomfort and stress in a person so that they can “Live Life Painlessly”. The MYYO Practitioner mainly applies pressure to specific points within muscles, combined with simple stretching and/or yoga postures, which releases trigger points, alleviates pain etc. Contact us for more info

MYYO Training: Level 2

Pre-requisited is MYYO 1. Learn advanced MYYO Techniques for complete health and well-being. Contact us for more info

Laughter Yoga

Learn how laughter is used as a tool for transformation and healing. Discover the benefits if laughter without any jokes, comedy or humour. Once qualified, offer laughter yoga sessions. Read more