AYTT Intro

Continue Your Yoga Journey

Expand Your Teaching Skillset and Transform Your Yoga Practice

Enhance Your Yoga Knowledge

As a qualified Yoga Teacher you realise the vast depth of yoga knowledge available. Gain a deeper understanding of yoga concepts, applications and philosophy as you continue on your yoga journey.




Learn to Teach People, Not Classes

This training is all about training you how to teach people, not classes. Because yoga is more than a workout–yoga is a way of life, it’s personal, and it’s a way to truly invest in yourself.


Professional Specialised Curriculum

The AYTT program is dynamic, and has been uniquely molded by qualified Yoga Therapist, with decades of yoga teaching knowledge. This program isn’t just a curriculum - it’s an experience.

Enrol for the Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Become a Specialised and Highly Skilled Yoga Teacher