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We offer the following Yoga Education & Training:-

Yoga Teacher Training (YTT)
Level 1 (200-hours)

This is ideal for yoga students who want to learn more about the knowledge of yoga or who is interested in pursuing a career in yoga.

This module is required for students who do not have the necessary yoga experience to enroll for the yoga teacher training. Read more

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This is the entry level to become a qualified Yoga Teacher. As a Yoga Teacher, you can teach beginners and intermediate classes.

This is the beginners level for your career as a Yoga Teacher. Read more


This training continues on from Level 1, which consists of various specialised modules and an in-depth knowledge of yoga. Once you have completed an extra 300-hours of training, you obtain Level 2 certification. Read more

If you are not an Ananda Sanga trained Yoga teacher, you have to complete our bridging module before enrollment.

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This training is for existing and qualified Yoga Teachers.

In-depth study about the therapeutic applications of yoga on an individual basis and this training consists of various specialised modules. Read more

Other Trainings

Learn the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda - the 'Science of Life". This training module is for everyone with an interest in Ayurveda. Read more

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We offer a variety of specialised trainings related to yoga on a continual basis.

* Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training (PYTT)

* MYYO Technique

Why Study with Ananda Sanga?

Our education is designed with two intentions: Firstly to enlighten the intellect and improve the quality of social awareness and secondly, to awaken and articulate the inner knowledge of each student.

Our long term intention is to grow as an organisation that produces well-educated, emotionally balanced, self-employed human-beings who will be of service to uplift and guide others, while increasing the staff of Yoga Educators at the Institute. See Questions for more information.

We are an international registered Yoga School and our students are able to register with Yoga Alliance International and teach anywhere in the world.

At ASEI we have:
* A dedicated and qualified team of learning facilitators.
* A strong focus on classical Yoga training – incorporating the body, breath, mind and soul.
* One of the oldest Yoga Training center's in South Africa.
* Learner support programmes.
* A strong focus on quality and continuous assessment to identify areas of weakness.
* Continuous development of learning facilitators.

Student Admission and Information


We require you to think for yourself and find your unique voice as a Yoga Teacher!

Last Updated: March 2014