Yoga Bridging Module


This Yoga Bridging Module consists of a total of 2 days of practical workshop/retreat, where you learn the specific teaching methods of Ananda Sanga, in preparation to progress to the Advanced Yoga Teacher (AYT) (Level 2: 500 hours) and the Yoga Therapy. (The AYT is only for qualified Yoga Teachers Level 1 from all styles and schools).

It is a recommended module for Yoga Teachers who have not completed the Level 1 Yoga training with Ananda Sanga. It is not necessary for Yoga Teachers who have trained at Ananda Sanga, but it may be a good refresher course and renewal retreat.

Ananda Sanga

Training Curriculum

* Patanjali's ashtanga - 8 limbs.
* Understanding the koshas.
* Integration of body, mind, soul in yoga practice.
* Planning a class using vinyasa principles.
* The importance of pranayama.
* Living the Yogic life-style, etc.

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Yogic Pranayama

The Yoga Teachers will:

* Meet and share with other yoga teachers in a spiritual environment.
* Deepen their own sadhana and other yoga practice.
* Experience deeper pranayama and the benefits.
* Relax and rejuvenate.
* Have time to ask questions around their teaching.
* Develop more confidence at teaching.
* Polish up teaching skills

Last Updated: October 2014